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Kapselgehörschützer der 3M™ Peltor™ X-Serie

  • Peltor™ X

    The new innovative design coupled with increased comfort helps the user to wear them at all times when exposed to the noise hazard.

    • Twin headband helps reduce heat build-up
    • Wire headband with constant pressure for extra comfort
    • Light-weight dual mould cups with maximum space inside help minimise heat and moisture build-up
    Bo Hammar Bo Hammar

    “The new range, 3M Peltor™ X, are nice and soft to wear.”

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  • Comfort

    High levels of comfort coupled with the new innovative design of X Series helps promote the user to wear them when exposed to noise hazards.

    • Twin headband design helps reduce heat build up on the head
    • Internal stainless steel wire in headband helps maintain consistent holding force over an 8 hour period for extra comfort
    • Large space inside the ear cups allow for a comfortable fit over a wide range of ear sizes
    • Wide, soft foam ear cushions are designed for all day comfort while still providing an effective acoustic seal with the head
    • Optimized weight distribution and balance helps contribute to high levels of comfort
    Bo Hammar Bo Hammar

    ”The new range, 3M Peltor X, are nice and soft to wear.”

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  • Durability

    Designed to be durable and hold up in tough working environments.

    • Strong internal stainless steel metal wire coated with hard plastic for added strength and durability
    • ABS plastic cups are rigid, high strength, and impact resistant
    • TPU soft outer cup coating helps protect from abrasion and bumps for added durability
    Magnus Forsblom Magnus Forsblom

    ”I don’t care about specific brands, I just want the best. The best? It’s 3M Peltor!”

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  • Protection

    Based on ground-breaking attenuation techniques never seen before for unparalleled protection with a stream-lined design.

    • Electrically insulated with no exposed wires provide protection from low voltage electrical hazards
    • Broad range of attenuation levels – 5 products in 2 styles each (headband and helmet attached)
    • The X5A currently has the highest level of noise attenuation on the market (37 SNR dB) to help offer more protection in extreme noise level environments
    • Colour coding on cups helps add ease of selection and visual indication of level of protection being worn
    Zaid Gabro Zaid Gabro

    ”3M Peltor X Series, give me great comfort and the most important, ideal protection.”

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Neue Maßstäbe bei Komfort, Design und Schutz

Die neue Serie 3M™ Peltor™ X vereint optimalen Schutz mit ultimativem Tragekomfort. Die Kapselgehörschützer dieser Serie vereinfachen den Arbeitsalltag auch an extrem lärmbelasteten Arbeitsplätzen. Sie werden kaum spüren, dass Sie Gehörschützer tragen!

Zur Serie Peltor™ X

Bitte klicken Sie unten, um unsere Peltor™ X Series animation 3D zu sehen


Sehen Sie unsere neuen Kapselgehörschützer in einer 3D-Animation. Unsere Videos informieren über die optimale Anpassung unserer Serie Peltor™ X.

Bitte klicken Sie unten, um unsere Testimonials zu sehen


Klicken Sie bitte auf den Link, um die Ansichten einiger Anwender über Design, Schutz und Komfort unserer Produkte zu lesen.

Lesen Sie Bo Hammars Meinung
Lesen Sie Zaid Gabros Meinung
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Bitte klicken Sie auf unsere Peltor ™ X Series Ersatzteile und Zubehör zu sehen

Auswahl Helmbefestigung

Kapselgehörschützer der Serie 3M™ Peltor™ X passen an die meisten gängigen Schutzhelme. Unsere 3-Stufen-Auswahlhilfe für Helmbefesti-gungen hilft Ihnen weiter.



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