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A new era of welding comfort

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    The new shield series—only the fourth in 27 years—replaces the , becoming the new product “platform” for the entire line of premium personal protective equipment for welders.

    The Speedglas 9100 design team aspired to create the ideal shield for the professional welder—a shield with optimized protection, comfort and performance. The radically-new design approach fundamentally changes not only how the user wears the shield, but also how the welder experiences the shield’s fit, stability and balance.

    Beginning with the head suspension system, the shield’s pivot point is located just above the welder’s ears. This optimizes its center of gravity, keeping the shield closer to the user’s head in both the up and down positions. Being as close as possible to the welder makes the shield feel lighter, more stable and more balanced at all times. In essence, the shield’s “lever effect” is shortened, so there are greatly reduced forces on the user’s neck muscles.

    To reduce pressure on vulnerable nerves and arteries found along the forehead, the front of the headband self-adjusts to match the welder’s head. Pressure is evenly distributed to sets of boogie/twin pads so as to fit the exact shape of the user’s forehead. The cradle design of the head suspension, combined with the headband’s self-adjusting boogie/twin pads, more closely profiles the true shape of the user’s head. As a result, welders do not need to tighten the headband as much as on conventional headbands to achieve a secure fit. In addition, the head suspension system has been designed to avoid pressure on sensitive acupressure and acupuncture points identified on the top of the head, above the ear, and at the back of the head.

    Read more information about the Speedglas 9100 Welding Shield (pdf, 78KB)

    For more technical and for more product information, please visit the .

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